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Solid Gold FX - Electroman MKII

Mon Jan 18 2021
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The Electroman is such wonderful, vibey delay. It has the feature-richness of a digital delay and the warmth and warbliness of analog delays. It's a very musical pedal.

There are so many sound options packed into this modulated delay. It's impossible to capture all of them with one loop. I decided to go for a simple 8th note delay for most of the control sweeps.

To demonstrate some cool combinations with the FX loop, I used the Walrus Audio Julia for chorus, the Slö for reverb and and JHS Mini Foot Fuzz for that broken up lo-fi sound on the repeats.

The mode toggle switches between a standard delay (left) and special delay (right) that sort of emulates a dual head delay.

The speed toggle changes the speed of the flutter (modulation of the repeats) from medium (left), to slow (center) and to fast (right).

The delay time goes up to 1 second. But with super short delays and long repeats, you can create nice warbly fake reverb tails.

If you want vibey, ambient delays that are different than conventional tape emulations and analog delays, you should try the Electroman.

Signal chain:


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