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Instead of watching and scrubbing through demo videos, get a piece of music playing, change settings, twist knobs and hear the sound change instantly.

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Which Distortion Pedal Provides the Gnarliest Bass Tone?

Mar 06 2023

I love using guitar pedals on bass and experimenting with finding the "magic sauce" for a great, gnarly, distorted bass tone. Often, when I…

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How the Strymon Iridium can be Awesome for Bass Guitar

Mar 16 2022

I recently got my first bass, a JMJ Mustang Bass. I needed to find a decent sound for recording bass without breaking the bank. I was trying…

amp simcab simbassownhammer
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Big Muff Shootout

Nov 19 2021

I love Big Muffs. Whenever I hear a band with a fat or sustaining guitar tone that I like, it's very likely that the guitarist is using some…

big muffdistortionfuzz
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