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6 of the Best Harmonic Percolator Pedals

Jun 09 2024

Famously used by audio engineer and guitarist Steve Albini, the Harmonic Percolator is a unique distortion/fuzz pedal that has a very…

fuzzharmonic percolatorfuzzy distortion
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What is the Best Velcro Fuzz Pedal?

Apr 05 2024

If there is a specific tone that I crave for my personal setup, it's velcro fuzz. What is velcro fuzz? It's hard to describe and one of…

fuzzvelcro fuzzgated fuzz
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How To Sound Like Touché Amoré - Flowers and You

Mar 10 2024

Touché Amoré's "Flowers and You" is a great example of a song that excels in two specific tones that guitarists Clayton Stevens and Nick…

shoegazetouche amoresound like
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