Hey 👋

my name is Silvio. I like guitar pedals. A lot.

I always wanted to start a YouTube channel to demo pedals. I wanted some way of putting out music and have a purpose for the pedals other than collecting them. (Also, I was hoping to get some free stuff from time to time 😉)

But YouTube is pretty crowded in the guitar world. There are a lot of talented people doing demos already. I just feel I couldn't add much on that platform.

As a software developer, I figured I could add something unique to this world. I built this website to collect each pedal's "soul", challenging myself to create and publish at least one piece of music with each piece of gear I acquire.

Instead of giving you yet another video with someone else's hands in the way, I'm giving you control to fiddle with the pedal. There is no skipping through videos or looking for time stamps. You're getting the most direct and instant comparison of different pedal settings and the bypass tone. And you can interactively turn the knobs yourself.

I'm running this site as a one-man show. So if you find a bug or usability issue, or have any other feedback – tech/software or music related – shoot me a DM on Instagram.