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Alexander Pedals - Jubilee Silver Overdrive

Sun Apr 18 2021
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The Jubilee Silver Overdrive from Alexander Pedals is pretty obviously a Marshall-in-a-box. It does a wonderful job of capturing that British character.

You can hear that sizzly, crunchy overdrive that is very reminiscent of that type of amp. There is lots of volume and gain on tap in this pedal.

With most amp-in-a-box type pedals, what makes it standout is the tone stack. It's a British voiced, passive 3-band tone stack. "Passive" means that the treble, mid and bass knob are all cutting frequencies. With the knobs at maximum, you get all the frequencies coming from your guitar and the pedal. Turning the knobs counter-clockwise cuts out treble, mid or bass frequencies.

All of the tone knobs have a pretty drastic range. You can get mid-scooped, mid-pushed, bass-cut or boomy sounds. Even on headphones, with the "cranked amp" sound it kinda feels like my pants are flapping.

Personally, for my taste and guitar (Tele neck pickup in this case), any less treble than 3 o'clock is kinda unusable for me. But your mileage may vary. It's a different story for bridge pickups and Jazzmasters.

So even with the gain low, the Jubilee Silver is very useful just for EQing and tone-shaping.

If you enjoy a good Marshall stack sound, either for your bedroom rig or with a clean amp, you'll like this pedal.

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