Tapescape - Bleak District Electric

Jul 17 2023
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bleak district electric tapescape

The Tapescape by Bleak District Electric is a lo-fi, analog-voiced delay with a unique modulation section.

It feels like the delay I was always looking for – smooth, analog feeling repeats that have that dark texture that I know from the BOSS DM-2w. And the lo-fi WOW and FLUTTER modulation is just wonderfully vibey and musical.

I found quite a few sound nuggets inside the Tapescape while looking for demo sounds. You'll get classic analog delay sounds with that warbly, dusty tape vibe. If you flip the DRY switch with minimal delay time, you can get a lo-fi, saturated vibrato effect. If you run the feedback on the edge of self-oscillation, you can get some really cool, glitchy sounds.

WOW controls the slow, random pitch modulation depth. FLUTTER seems to emulate tape flutter with a tremolo-like modulation. TYPE controls the waveforms of the flutter modulation – from sharp random, to smooth random, to sine wave. RATE controls the flutter modulation speed. LPF seems to control how much high-end is filtered out of the repeats. The middle position seems to add a lot of crunchy saturation onto the repeats (in a good way).

Unfortunately, I can't really demo the SWELL function with my demo format. It controls how fast the feedback builds up when you hold down the right footswitch. The little toggle next to the EXP input jack controls which parameters are controlled via an expression pedal.

Signal Chain


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