Sick As MkIII - Bondi Effects

Sep 26 2022
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bondi effects sick as mkiii

The Sick As Overdrive by Bondi Effects is one of the best overdrives currently made.

I might be biased because I traded the Sick As for this demo. But I'm truly enamored by how great this pedal feels and sounds. I think I wanted one for 5 years now and I regret not snagging one sooner (however, I'm happy to have the MkIII now 🙃)

The topology is based on the Klon. I have tried a few K-style overdrives and I was pretty certain that this kind of overdrive is not my cup of tea.

The Sick As changed my mind. I talked briefly to Jon from Bondi Effects about this and he mentioned that the mid hump frequency is a bit higher and therefore more versatile for many people.

Not only is this a K-style drive I can jive with – it's one of the best overdrives I've tried so far.

The active bass and treble EQ is something I'd like on every overdrive. It's so easy to dial in the perfect tone for your guitar and the mix/band context your playing in.

It also makes it my favorite drive for bass. Many folks want a clean blend to retain low end when using a drive pedal. An active bass EQ to recover or even boost the lower frequencies that are lost because of the clipping section work just as well in my opinion. I think I even prefer the feel of drive + bass EQ boost to a clean/drive mix configuration.

Then there's the headroom toggle. I like both high and low headroom modes. With high headroom, the way the Sick As is clipping feels similar to a typical Klon (but the overall EQ is way better in my opinion). Very pleasing and punchy drive.

With low headroom, the Sick As gets more hairy. The drive has more bite and presence and feels more like distortion than overdrive at higher gain levels. I like this best for bass. Gives it a really well balanced presence without getting thin.

Plus: This very handsome looking box features a unique soft touch foot switch, a cute mini-toggle, overall slick design and beautiful colorways.

I cannot recommend the Sick As enough. If you can afford to get your hands on one, do it.

Recording Notes



  • Stellarosa with different pickup configs
  • Sick As
  • Boss DM-2w Delay
  • OBNE Screen Violence. This was used both as reverb, slap back delay, modulation and just a great tool for stereo overdubs.

Ambient Pad

I used this to add some tension and "wetness" to the track.


  • JMJ Fender Mustang, La Bella Flats, played with pick, tone 100%
  • Keeley Compressor Mini to even it out
  • Sick As. Did I mention, this is absolutely fantastic for bass.
  • Strymon Iridium (round) with bass cabs


  • GarageBand Drummer Gavin (indie rock) on the Brooklyn kit
  • Whole kit treated with the stock GarageBand RAT-style pedal plugin

The whole mix was "mastered" with exciter, limiter and mild compression in the DAW.


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