BB03 Lo-Fi Chorus - Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices

Dec 14 2023
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buzzing bugs audio devices bb03 lo fi chorus

There's just a handful of things I regularly get excited about: shoegazy reverbs and fuzz, chicken wings with hot sauce ... and lo-fi chorus/vibrato pedals. Luckily, the BB03 Lo-Fi Chorus from Buzzing Bugs Audio Devices fulfills at least one of those things.

I like how all the controls of this pedal are super interactive. DEPTH and AGE are like two co-dependent lovers who can't live without the other but together they breed chaos.

ROOM adds decay to the slap-back delay but also increases the feedback to the modulation circuit which creates this overloaded sweet saturation.

MIX goes from completely dry vibrato to wet chorus effect.

I think the BB03 does more than just the tape/lo-fi thing and adds its own special character to the mix. Definitely worth checking out!

Signal Chain


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