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Aug 26 2021
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caroline guitar company kilobyte

The Kilobyte by Caroline Guitar Company was on my bucket list of pedals to try out for a long time.

I love the design, the control choices and the character it adds to my tone. It's one of those pedals that inspires you to play differently when it's turned on.

The knob labels are a bit cryptic (giving that toy-like lo-fi vibe), but totally make sense once you know what they do.

Upper left is simply output volume.

The upper right knob controls the input gain to put the delay repeats into overdrive. So the original signal stays clean while the repeats can get crunchy and smeared.

The Sum knob (lower left) controls the number of repeats.

The Clock knob (lower right) sets the delay time.

The little knob in the middle let's you add modulation to the repeats.

Then there's a "Havoc" foot switch. Hitting it will give you endless repeats and let the pedal "run away". It still sounds a bit more controlled then simply maxing out the Sum knob. I think in Havoc mode it cuts some bass from the repeats.

My favorite sound of the Kilobyte is this kinda broken, lo-fi feel when the repeats get crunchy with a good amount of input gain and a little modulation.

I got this pedal on loan from the Effekt Boutique. It was really hard to send it back and I think I need to get myself one soon.

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