Cloak - Catalinbread

Nov 10 2021
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catalinbread cloak
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The Cloak by Catalinbread is a no-nonsense, room-style shimmer reverb.

In general I like this about most Catalinbread's pedals: They are simple, to-the-point utilitarian music production tools. Each pedal has a couple of useful knobs and that's it – perfect for simple minds like myself.

At its core, the Cloak is a room reverb. With the room size, you control the length of the reverb tails. Then there is a classic mix knob that controls the wetness of the signal.

For the shimmer part, you have the ability to control the amount of shimmer (i.e. octave up effect on the reverb tails) as well as shaving off some of the high frequencies.

These controls make the Cloak a super useful shimmer reverb. No matter how much shimmer you dial up, the high-cut control can smooth things out and it never gets unpleasant.

To me, the room/cave-like reverb together with the smooth shimmer makes for a great athmospheric, mystical reverb.

If you never dabbled into the world of shimmer reverb, this is the perfect introduction for you.

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