Sinkhole - Catalinbread

Dec 18 2023
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catalinbread sinkhole

From the very first moment I plugged into the Sinkhole from Catalinbread, I knew I was going to love it and I knew that I was going to put some filthy distortion behind it!

To me, the Sinkhole has all the magic ingredients a good shoegaze reverb needs. There is enough control over MIX, VERB (i.e. decay) and VOL to dial in a washed out, hazy sound wihout losing note clarity.

The MOD and FDBCK knob are very interactive and can be used to create subtle movement or rich, psychedelic textures for hypnotic soundscapes.

The Sinkhole has some unique voicing to it. When you turn up the reverb decay, it feels like it's generating synth pads matching the notes you play. I like it standalone for some ambient nooodleing, but it really shines with some distortion behind it.

What stands out to me is the remarkable note clarity even when paired with a high gain fuzz like the Proxima. You can still hear chords and arpeggios clearly over the washed out filthy textures.

I have a feeling that the Sinkhole will become an integral part of my arsenal, especially for shoegaze and ambient music.

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