STS-88 Flanger/Reverb - Catalinbread

Mar 29 2023
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catalinbread sts 88 flanger reverb

The STS-88 by Catalinbread is a flanger and reverb in one simple and easy to use package.

The flanger voicing is tastefully designed. There is not too much metallic airplane swooshing going on, but enough movement to make your guitar sound like it's floating in space. The reverb is a lush and spacious reverb that is perfect for shoegaze and ambient music.

I particularly like the simple choice of controls. The MIX knob controls the ratio of dry signal and modulated + wet reverb signal. The reverb is never fully wet, and with the MIX around 50%, you get a nice mix of modulated warble, spacey reverb but also clear note picking definition from the dry signal.

I'm super into shoegaze sounds where a distortion/fuzz is just crushing the reverb trails and the flanging modulation is just great for adding a certain something to the sound. The STS-88 is perfect for this.

Signal Chain


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