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Feb 17 2021
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crazy tube circuits falcon

The Falcon by Crazy Tube Circuits is an amp in box – or should I say, two amps in a box – pedal. It simulates a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe ('55) and a 6G2 Brownface Princeton ('61).

The Falcon gives a really nice feel that is hard to demonstrate by just listening to it. The sag and compression, especially for the '61 mode, make it feel really amp-like. And of course, with the JFET technology, it responds very dynamically to pick attack and guitar volume.

The labels can be misleading. Volume is practically a gain/drive knob here. Basically, it's what you get if you turned up an actual amp of that era.

Output controls the actual volume from the pedal.

The Tone knob seems to me like it's actually a high cut. Turn it up and get all the treble or turn it down to cut off some highs.

The gain of the '55 mode starts where the '61 ends. Even with the '55 gain maxed out, you won't get real high gain sounds. And I think that's a very tasteful design choice because that's not what you would use these amps for.

Overall all the range and taper of the controls seem very well designed. Pretty much the whole range of the knobs gives useful sounds and are not too extreme.

I think this is going to be my main sound for a while ...

Signal Chain


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