TI:ME - Crazy Tube Circuits

Jun 25 2021
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The TI:ME delay by Crazy Tube Circuits is a delay/echo pedal that has a retro-vibe with with modern features.

Everything about the TI:ME is designed really tastefully with a practical point of view. The pedal itself is built with high quality parts, soft switches and a clever tap tempo knob with subdivision options.

Once you've tapped in your tempo, the m/sec knob is overwritten and you can use the toggle switch to set the subdivisions to quarter note, dotted 8th or triplets. When you turn the m/sec knob, you overwrite the tapped tempo and the toggle switch has no effect.

The tap tempo has a secondary function. When you hold it, it maximizes the feedback and drives the repeats into self-oscillation. You can hear it wrecking havoc in the "Triplets out of Control" setting.

The killer features for me are the tone and mod knobs. The TI:ME itself seems to be a rather warm voiced delay, and the repeats seem to degrade naturally. But you get even more control with the ability to add in modulation and fine-tune the high-end of the repeats. Turn the tone knob all the way down, and the delayed signal is really warm and cozy. Turn it up and you get more of the original attack coming through.

I know everyone calls everything versatile these days. But I can't find a better description for this TI:ME (pun intended).

Some pedals have a learning curve and are great after you've "mastered" them. The TI:ME is the opposite: Plug it in, turn it on and it sounds great immediately. I'm a real fan when you just turn a pedal on and it does its thing the easy way.

If you want a warm-sounding delay with all the modern luxury features, I highly recommend trying the TI:ME.

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