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Jan 04 2021
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earthquaker devices plumes

I don't really care for Tube Screamers. Whenever I tried one or listened to demos, it always sounded like someone put a blanket over the amp – muffled and as if the speaker is made out of paper.

The EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Small Signal Shredder is much more than just another Tube Screamer clone. It has all the positive attributes of a Tube Screamer. It can be chewy, tube-like and sparkly. But it's never muffled and has a buckload of output volume and a very usable tone control.

Clipping Modes

  1. Symmetrical LED clipping - Crunchy sound with more presence and compression.

  2. No clipping - Just a lot of headroom from the OpAmp. Even with the gain way up it's just crunching a bit.

  3. Asymmetrical silicon diode clipping - This is the closest to an actual Tube Screamer, but with more clarity and more usable tone control.

Also, if you look a the level knob, for mode 1 and 2 unity gain is around 9 o'clock. This thing will get just about anything to break up that comes after it.

The mixture of presence, mid push and crackly overdrive is just very tasteful. Bare in mind this was recorded with the neck pickup. So this overdrive is great for brightening up the sound without it getting harsh.


If you are a Tube Screamer sceptic or lover, you need to try the Plumes. It's a super versatile overdrive and boost.

Signal Chain


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