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Oct 19 2023
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electric love aquatone

The Aquatone by Electric Love is a super versatile overdrive pedal with wide range of gain and tone sculpting options. The super pleasing saturation it provides puts it among my favorite overdrives of all time!

Aquatone is the product of a collaboration between many great people from the pedal community. The circuit design was done by Brian Wampler, the PCB layout by Sushi Box Effects and the artwork on the enclosure by my wife Claudi from Sketchy Pedals.

The gain structure is a BOSS Blues Driver at it's core. I always really liked the Blues Driver saturation, and the added active 3-band EQ and the high gain mode make the Aquatone the perfect overdrive pedal for me.

It can do chimey, low gain, beefy mid gain, singing high gain distortion, amp-like breakup and fuzzy in extrem settings. It's great on bass, stacks well with other drives and it works great with every pickup I tested it with.

In the demo track, you're hearing the neck pickup from my Stellarosa Lite II. While the Lollar Firebirds are quite punchy in the neck, I can't pull of this kind of chimey, bell-like tone with every overdrive on the neck pickup. The Aquatone does it with ease.

Electric Love is a truly unique pedal company. 100% of the profits from the Aquatone will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. Electric Love will donate a minimum of $1,000 to the BCRF®, and the donation total will be shared on their Reverb shop page.

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