Cicada - Gear Ant

May 29 2023
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gear ant cicada

The Cicada by Gear Ant absolutely blew me away when I first plugged into it.

The fuzz is nasty and aggressive. Combined with the phaser, it's a perfect noise rock machine.

The Cicada is the perfect pedal to get you out of a riff writing rut. It's so inspiring to play.

It's not meant to be super versatile or subtle and you can't really play pretty chords with it. But that's not what it's for.

It forces you to play to the pedal. To me, it does one thing and it does it really well. You can use the controls to adjust some nuances. The gain range goes from kinda nasty to really flippin' nasty. You can adjust the phaser to be really vocal and mouth-watery or jittery and weird.

I love it. But I'm also biased because my talented wife designed the artwork for it (she's @sketchypedals on Instagram, check her out!).

Normally I don't "review" the pedal enclosure to avoid stereotypical jargon like "build like a tank" or "solid build quality". But I gotta say, Gear Ant's pedal enclosures are extra awesome. The enclosures are heavier than regular aluminum enclosures. The metal work is very unique and the print on the pedal has this added texture. Gear Ant's Yellow Jacket has similar traits. These are just really nice to hold and look at.

I highly recommend checking this one out.

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