Design-a-drive - Great Eastern FX

Oct 10 2023
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great eastern fx design a drive
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The Design-a-drive by Great Eastern FX is a genius little overdrive pedal that is ultraversatile yet dead-simple to use.

You get the two standard controls for LEVEL and GAIN, but the real magic is the special EDGE control in combination with the rotary WIDTH knob.

EDGE works like a tone control, but it affects the frequency response in a more complex way. I could bore you with the technical details by reciting the manual. In essence, it does what the name implies. Turn clockwise, and your tone will get more "edge".

The WIDTH goes from a mid-focused, tight sound to a more open and fat sound.

I love the basic characteristic and texture of the Design-a-driv. It makes me wanna play raw Garage Rock and punk riffs. But you can certainly dial in more subtle and sparkly saturation as well.

Signal Chain

  • Fidelity Guitars Stellarosa Lite II with Lollar Firebird pickups (both pickups)
  • Design-a-drive
  • Strymon Iridium (chime)


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