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JHS Pedals - Mini Foot Fuzz V2

Sun Jan 10 2021
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The JHS Mini Foot Fuzz V2 is one of my all-time favorite fuzzes. It has this velcro-like, splatty fuzz sound. The low gain mode (-) has this lovely sound of a broken speaker that I really enjoy.

I did a bit of research and found that the basis for the Mini Foot Fuzz is the Bazz Fuss. It's a very simple circuit with very few parts, originally marketed for bass players. That became apparent to me when I started playing through the pedal. There's quite some low end, but somehow without the muddiness.

There's nothing more to explain here, this mini pedal is simple and effective. There is just one tiny caveat that bugs me: When you turn down the fuzz knob to the minimum, there's no sound. I guess that could have been fixed with a single resistor in the circuit. But hey, maybe that would take away the magic from it ;)

Signal chain:


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