Death Saw - JPTR FX

Dec 21 2023
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jptr fx death saw

The Death Saw by JPTR FX is simple and unapologetic abouts it's raw, high gain sound.

Diming all the controls of a Boss HM-2 to create that chainsaw metal sound has almost become a meme. JPTR FX took it to heart and created the Death Saw, which is a refined version of that sound without a chance to fiddle with anything.

You stomp on it, and everyone around you will know that this pedal is on.

I'm not much of a metal player, but I do find the Death Saw to be suitable for shoegaze and heavy emo midwest riffs.

It offers quite a different flavor to other distortion pedals, and combined with an eery reverb like the Sinkhole, you get some interesting noise-scapes.

The Death Saw is very present in the midrange and seems to have an EQ peak at around 1.3 kHz. That makes it a great candidate for double tracking on a heavy guitar part to make it sound bigger and give everything more bite.

For bedroom players like myself, an EQ pedal like the MAE Line Blur comes in hand to tame the aggressive midrange for a more balanced and chuggy sound.

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