Fernweh - JPTR FX

Jan 25 2024
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jptr fx fernweh

I'm loving the shit out of the JPTR FX Fernweh. It's such a well-voiced analog delay with the typical JPTR FX weird attitude that works so well for this effect.

The Fernweh is a dual delay. The two delays can be controlled separately and are cascading into each other.

You can also switch between alternate delay times for the second delay. The big knob in the middle conrols the second delay when only the middle LED is on. When the left and right LED are on, the smaller upper right knob is controlling the second delay time.

There is also an FX loop that lets you put other effects between the two delays. In the demo above, you see me adding modulation with the Shallow Water.

I really like that you can crank the feedback on both delays and it still stays just on the edge of self-oscillation.

If you want the delays to run away into a wild, noisy haze, you can step on the momentary switch in the middle (not part of the demo, sorry).

I dig the tone control a lot. I prefer the darker voicing for most situations with analog delay. But the treble-y settings introduce some interesting crunch to the repeats.

When I first plugged into the Fernweh, I didn't know anything about it. I didn't understand what all the knobs do. I just fiddled around and found a cool sound that I liked.

I instantly clicked with the Fernweh and started writing riffs with it. It's an inspiration machine.

Fernweh is never in the way. It adds vibe and character to the sound. You can dial down one delay and use it for super simple vanilla analog delay. Or go a little crazy with it, have delays louder than the dry signal, create springy reverb-like sounds or customize the sound with additional pedals in the FX loop.

Signal Chain


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