Super Weirdo - JPTR FX

Feb 29 2024
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jptr fx super weirdo

Glitchy, modulated, spitty, velcro-y fuzz tones combined are super weird and super fun – which is why JPTR FX created the Super Weirdo.

The Super Weirdo in its tamest version is already a pretty aggressive velcro fuzz. When we add the MODULATION and a quick bathroom-esque slapback delay TIME, it becomes a whole new beast. The modulation adds a whole new layer of weirdness to the fuzz, and the slapback delay adds a bit of space and depth to the sound.

On top of that, there is the momentary switch to engage the NOISE mode. I'm not entirely sure what it does, but to me it sounds like it's ramping the TIME and MODULATION parameters. SWELL controls how fast the parameters are ramped. The behavior of the NOISE mode is highly dependent on the settings of the TIME and MODULATION and SWELL knobs.

All in all this is the perfect pedal for aggressive and weird lead tones. I would not be surprised to see the Super Weirdo on Josh Homme's pedalboard. It is very reminiscent of the tones he uses for Them Crooked Vultures and Queens of the Stone Age.

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