Warlow - JPTR FX

Sep 12 2021
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jptr fx warlow

The Warlow by JPTR FX is a beast of a Big Muff style pedal.

I love how the enclosure design is just a tasteful hommage to the pedal that its circuit is based on.

The Warlow is an op-amp Big Muff variation. So instead of transistors driving the signal, it's op-amps. Also, it uses LEDs instead of the standard diodes for its clipping stages.

All this results in massive sound. The classic mid-scooped sound seems very pronounced in this pedal. There is a really fat low-end coming through and a pretty bright sizzling top end.

I noticed a few things where I could see how Chris from JPTR FX put his own take on this circuit:

  • It screems "Smashing Pumpkins" due to the pronounced bass mixed with some nasaly upper mids and highs
  • Really, with sustain all the way up is where the texture feels just right
  • I once heard that Chris tends to prefer neck pickups. It's the first time I played a Big Muff style pedal where I preferred the neck (usually tends to be a little too muddy) and had to back off the tone knob from the 12 o'clock setting.

The Warlow can be pretty bright if you need it to. Overall, I'm impressed by how much the tone knob is actually doing. It seems to have a huge range.

I also think at very low gain settings, there are still very useful tones in this pedal. That's also not common for most Big Muffs.

With the volume up, the Warlow has some decent output that can drive an amp.

So even if this thing was designed to give you those gnarly grunge textures, there are a lot of other different sounds in it.

If you're trying to get that screaming, sustaining tone from Billy Corgan, I think there is no better pedal on the market today.

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