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KMA Audio Machines - Queequeg

Sun Apr 11 2021
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The KMA Queequeg is an analog, monophonic sub-octave generator. Due to its full analog circuit, it tracks incredibly fast.

The analog nature of this pedal also gives the Queequeg its characteristic sound. It is monophonic and it doesn't track perfectly. It sounds glitchy and unpredictable and wild. It's not meant to be used to play "fake bass". It shines when used as an "effect" to add that special something to the sound.

In my opinion, the Queequeg was not intended to be played with a clean sound. It loves to go inta a gnarly fuzz, like the Animalizzer. Play some heavy riffs with it and melt faces easily.

There is just one knob which controls the blend between dry and octave signal. When recording, I noticed that the dry signal is not completely unaltered with the blend fully dry – the Queequeg makes it a little darker.

For my setup, around 10 o'clock is the sweet spot for the blend. It's enough sub-octave to fatten up the sound without being overbearing.

I love this pedal. It is exactly what I was looking for to scratch that riff-rock itch.

Signal chain:


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