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Apr 27 2023
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lichtlaerm audio untiefe

Untiefe by Lichtlaerm Audio is a multi-modulation reverb that is perfect for ambient, cinematic, post-punk or shoegaze sound scapes.

You can dial in vibrato (SIREN), phaser (PHASE) or tremolo (SHIVER) modulation to the reverb trails.

I find all the modulation modes to be very musical and the vibe is absolutely in tune with the name and the artwork of the pedal.

One of my favorite parts, as with the Lichtlaerm Transcendence, is the effects loop that allows you to add modulation to the reverb trails.

As if all the modulation options weren't enough, this opens a few more possibilities. I'm a big fan of the typical shoegazer setup of reverb into distortion. This gives you the opportunity to get that shoegaze noise sound in the background but retain a clean dry signal in parallel.

Untiefe is the solution if you're looking for a reverb that's different than the usual plate/hall/spring units.

Signal Chain


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