M309 Joshua Ambient Echo - MXR

Jan 02 2024
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mxr joshua ambient echo

The Joshua Ambient Echo by MXR is well thought out and versatile digital delay pedal.

I hate to use this phrase, but it truly is a "Swiss Army Knife" of a delay pedal. It has a ton of features, but it's not overwhelming to use. It's very easy to dial in a great sound.

This unassuming pedal with a simple interface is capable of a lot. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Tap Tempo - Tap tempo is a must have for me. Works great and is easy to use.
  • Stereo/Mono - Joshua has a TRS output and can run two different delay lines in stereo. The second blinking LED in the upper left corner indicates the second delay line. By default, it's set to a quarter note subdivision but can be altered with some secondary knob functions.
  • Subdivisions - The subdivisions are great. You can get a lot of different rhythmic patterns.
  • Modulation - The modulation can go from subtle to swirly vibrato.
  • Voice - This adds in upper and lower octaves to the repeats. It sounds like MXR took inspiration from their POG octaver judging from the organ-like sound I'm hearing.

For me, the real magic happens when the tempo of the delays are tapped to match the BPM of the song, but both delays are set to different subdivisions. This creates a really cool rhythmic pattern that can be used to create a lot of movement and also widens the stereo image.

You can literally go bonkers with the Joshua Ambient Echo or switch off all the bells and whistles and use it as a simple delay pedal.

Signal Chain


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