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NativeAudio - Ghost Ridge

Sun May 16 2021
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Disclaimer: This should be considered paid promotion. NativeAudio sent me this pedal for free.

The Ghost Ridge by NativeAudio is a modulated multi-reverb. It has hall, plate, room and spring reverb and can save up to 4 presets. And you get all of those things with just 2 knobs and 2 foot switches.

All of the different reverb settings sound excellent to me and make it really easy to dial in a sound that I like and that fits into the mix.

With the mix knob, you control the wetness of the signal. Press and hold the on switch, and the same knob switches between the different reverb modes (indicated by the 4 LEDs).

The depth knob controls the length of the reverb tail, and it's secondary function mod controls the depth of the modulation of the reverb tail. With the room mode, the modulation dimed and with a shorter reverb tail, you can almost get vibrato/chorus tones out of the Ghost Ridge.

I think NativeAudio made some very clever design choices when putting together all these tasteful reverb sounds and added a modulation control on top.

Signal chain:


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