Midnight - NativeAudio

Jun 16 2021
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native audio midnight
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The Midnight by NativeAudio is a pedal that's very true to its builders effects design philosophy.

At its core, it has the classic elements of an analog phaser circuit with all the classic sounds. The user interface is typical for NativeAudio: Digital controls, ramp controls, tap tempo with note division, secondary knob functions and soft switches. And yet, the pedal is intuitive and easy to use once you play with it for a minute.

In all honesty, I'm not the biggest fan of secondary knob functions. Usually I prefer simple knobs and I'm fine with a pedal having more knobs. But NativeAudio designs the controls so cleverly, that I really appreciate the neatness of the whole concept.

The Midnight is a highly customizable phaser that let's you adjust nearly all parameters of the phaser topology that you could whish for. And then some: There is added modulation depth and feedback control.

This can also work as a vibrato with the feedback at zero and the mix at fully wet.

This phaser gives you all the classic sounds, the ability to get some strange and crazy sounds and it's a workhorse for live situations due to its tap tempo function and ease of use.

Signal Chain

  • K'mo Memphis Std. (classic T-style pickups, both pickups)
  • Midnight
  • Strymon Iridium (Chime)
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Garageband


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