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Rising Sun - NativeAudio

Sat Nov 13 2021
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native audio rising sun
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Disclaimer: This should be considered paid promotion. NativeAudio sent me this pedal for free.

The Rising Sun by NativeAudio is the one-stop shop for your tremolo needs.

Just like all the other wonderful NativeAudio pedals, the Rising Sun is a toolbox to make your favorite tremolo sound come true.

You can adjust waveforms, rate, depth and tone. You can tap in a tempo and switch between different note divisions. In ramp mode, you can set a slow and a fast tempo and ramp up and down by pressing the control switch.

And all of this is neatly packed into a standard-sized enclosure. The pedal made of quality parts with soft switching and top-mounted jacks.

Notice that I put a light overdrive after the tremolo. That way, that tremolo modulates the amplitude of the signal coming into the gain stage, which changes the amount of drive coming from it.

If you want to shape your own tremolo with surgical precision, get the Rising Sun.

Signal chain:


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