Beam Splitter - Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Apr 23 2024
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old blood noise endeavors beam splitter

The Beam Splitter by Old Blood Noise Endeavors is distortion, overdrive, dual delay, chorus, double and triple tracker in one beautifully designed pedal.

The Beam Splitter has one input and three outputs.

You can either just plug into the MAIN output, so all channels get mixed to mono. Or you go out of the second and/or third output as well, which splits off the GREEN and BLUE channel respectively. PURPLE is always going through the MAIN out. You could turn off each channel by just turning the respective volume knob all the way down.

All 3 channels have their own unique flavor.

  • PURPLE: In my mind, this is the central voice of the Beam Splitter. It's fuzzy high gain distortion.
  • GREEN: This is a low to medium gain drive. This can get pretty chimey and sparkly. This channel has a delay that you can dial in with the TIME and DECAY knobs.
  • BLUE: This is a medium gain transistor drive. There are just 2 gain options accessible via the blue GAIN switch. This channel has the same delay controls as the GREEN channel.

With the DEVIATE knob, you can set the random variation of the delay times of the GREEN and BLUE channel. This is useful to get that double or triple tracking effect, but can also be used to get chorus- or flanger-like modulation sounds.

In mono, the Beam Splitter can be simply a good distortion pedal with multiple gain options and the option to mix the channels to your liking. You can add dirty, multihead delay repeats or dial in some subtle modulation.

In stereo and trereo (yeah OBNE is making that a thing 😉), I love it for double and triple tracking in one take, but also to create interesting soundscapes with different delay times on each channel.

Signal Chain


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