Tractor Beam - Poison Noises

Nov 17 2022
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poison noises tractor beam

The Tractor Beam by Poison Noises is a highly customizable tremolo.

The parameters that you can control with the Tractor Beam unlock some creative uses for tremolo.

  • Symmetry (ENCOUNTER): Moves the zero point of the amplitude modulation. Turned fully clockwise, it seems like this goes from unity gain to a boosted singal. In Amp Tickle, you can hear the amp breaking up periodically.
  • Depth (PROBE): Choose a subtle modulation or an intense pulsing
  • Shape (WARP): A continuous control over the shape of the modulation curve, from rectangular (chopped, abrupt volume change) to sine (smooth, more subtle)
  • Volume (INVADE): Makes it easy to adjust for perceived output volume. Interactive with the ENCOUNTER knob to control how it interacts with the rest of your gain staging
  • Ratio (ANNIHILATE): Go from long silences and short boosts to short breaks and long volume bumps.

This makes this a great make-your-own-tremolo pedal. Once you understand the knob layout, you can quickly create your signature tremolo sound.

Signal Chain


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