Shuksan Fuzz - Spun Loud

Nov 06 2022
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spun loud shuksan fuzz

The Shuksan Fuzz by Spun Loud is my absolute favorite fuzz.

It has the perfect mixture of gnarly textures, punch, spitty velcro fuzz and simple interface design.

It works great on bass and guitar. It is easy to record with and doesn't require much (if any) EQing to sit well in a mix.

I think the simple INPUT/SUSTAIN gain staging is genius. The INPUT control helps to adjust the Shuksan to work in any place of your signal chain. But it's also very interactive with the SUSTAIN knob.

While recording the demo, I found several sweet spots that are mostly in the same sonic range. In a crowded mix, your probably won't hear a big difference. But the texture, compression and feel under the fingers is very different and makes you play differently.

So, while you can literally just set the knobs to whatever and it will sound awesome, the Shuksan offers enough depth for exploration. It offers a great initial-plug-and-play experience while its rewarding to really "learn" the pedal.

Drawing of the pedal provided by my awesome wife Claudi (@sketchypedals on Instagram )... who is the one actually owning the pedal and I'm actually so jealous that I ordered my own. Hah!

Recording Notes


  • Fidelity Guitars Stellarosa Lite II with Lollar Firebird pickups (bridge pickup)
  • Shuksan Fuzz
  • Strymon Iridium (chime)


I mostly just used different settings on the Shuksan with different pickup configurations on my Stellarosa. At the end of the loop, there is a lead overdub where I also used the OBNE Screen Violence kind of as slap back delay.



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