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TL Pedals - Honker Overdrive

Thu May 06 2021
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Disclaimer: This should be considered paid promotion. TL Pedals sent me this pedal for free.

The Honker Canadian Overdrive is another high quality build by TL Pedals. The Honker is a take on the classic TubeScreamer circuit.

There are a few modifications that transform this pedal into one that TS-haters like myself can actually enjoy:

  • The mid-hump is less pronounced
  • The tone control sweep is more usable
  • The gain range is larger for the classic TS clipping: cleaner cleans and dirtier drives
  • There are 3 clipping options (from left to right): classic TS asymmetrical clipping, no clipping and "crunch style" clippling

The design choices for the Honker definitely remind me of the EarthQuaker Devices Plumes. But the Honker has its own unique sound and feel.

My favorite setting on a lot of those pedals with clipping options seems to be bypassed clipping, meaning all distortion is coming from the OpAmp. It just has this nice thumpy oomph and a very robust sparkle to it.

I'd recommend the Honker Overdrive to anyone sceptic towards TS-style pedals. It's versatile, well built, has ample amounts of volume and just sounds and feels great.

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