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Dec 11 2022
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twilight pulse audioworks konstante
boost before drive

The Konstante by Twilight Pulse Audioworks is a fantastic low to medium overdrive and boost.

The feeling I get when playing through the Konstante is like putting a nice knob of butter on a fresh toast.

While the Konstante might be based on a transparent overdrive topology, it sure does add a unique character that other overdrives don't offer.

It smoothes out the signal in a very pleasant way, without cutting too much high-end or picking attack.

Put the EP-style preamp boost in front of the drive section and produce fat rhythm chords or singing leads. Put it after to get a nice bump in volume or just as a general make-betterer.

For maximum tweakability, you can decrease the pedal's headroom by removing the internal charge pump. This will have the Konstante clip earlier with less input signal. Remove the backplate, take a photo of the little chip with the legs (so you know how to put it back in), and pull it out.

The Konstante does sound and feel nice on higher gain settings, but it excels at buttery low gain drive textures with sparkles on top.

I also really like the user interface. Every setting is useful. The choice of controls is minimal, yet very versatile with the order toggle and the simple drive and boost controls.

Finally, just look at it. What a gorgeous looking pedal. The design really communicates the overall feel of this pedal – simple and elegant.

Signal Chain

  • Fidelity Guitars Stellarosa Lite II with Lollar Firebird pickups (both pickups)
  • Konstante
  • Strymon Iridium (chime)


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