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HP-X - Vaderin Pedals

May 25 2021
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The HP-X by Vaderin Pedals is a modern spin on the classic harmonic percolator. It captures its even-order harmonic saturation without compromising stability or volume.

The left knob controls the input volume, i.e. the gain/saturation of the pedal. The right knob is the output level. With the 3-way toggle, you can switch between different clipping options: From Germanium diode, to open (transistor-only clipping) to Silicon diode.

This simple yet effective user interface lets you put the HP-X anywhere in your signal chain. Simply adjust input and output level to taste to stack nicely with your other pedals. You will always find a sound you like.

As you can hopefully hear in the demo, it can work as an overdrive, spitty fuzz or anything in between. I really dig its brightness. Other fuzzes can get muddy, while the HP-X remains punchy even with the neck pickup.

I have no prior experience with harmonic percolators. I was honestly blown away by the sounds this thing makes. I'm truly in love with it. I'll definitely make it part of my main sound.

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