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Oct 25 2022
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The Kroaked by Vaderin Pedals is a flexible boost that has ridiculous amounts of volume on tap.

The Kroaked can be used as a clean boost, a dirty/saturated boost and with the CMP knob, you can add this extra squished feeling to your blown out sound.

The highly interactive controls make this a very fun experience. Dialing in a sound is not as straight forward as is the case for "normal" boosts and overdrive. The LVL control is not just the output volume, but a clean boost that comes before the second gain stage of the pedal.

Turning one control can yield different results depending on how you've set the other two knobs. To me this is exactly the feature here.

Out of the gate, you can get just nice dirty boost sounds. But after "learning" the pedal for a while, you discover all these little sweet spots.

My favorite is the "Cranked InnerSpeaker" setting in the demo above. It reminds me of Tame Impala's guitar sound on his debut album. Just a sonically satisfying mixture of blown out speaker, fuzz and compression.

Recording Notes


Pedals Used for the Backing Track


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