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Oct 02 2021
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walrus audio eras
smooth with added compression
slight mid-cut, silicon diodes

The Eras by Walrus Audio is a five-state distortion pedal with a blend knob. It's a utility box for all your distortion needs.

With the different clipping options, a wide range for bass, tone and gain and some mighty output volume, the Eras can fit into any mix that requires a distorted guitar (or bass).

The five modes correspond to how the distortion is internally shaped. Each state has a specific mid-cut (slight or deep cut) and different hard clipping diodes (LEDs, silicon or silicon+LED).

I like how all modes are distinctively different and yet all are useful for certain applications. Something you can't quite get from demos is the feel and response of the pedal. Every one of the five states was very different in how it felt under the fingers.

Depending on the state, the Eras made me want to play lead, desert rock riffs, some amateurish chugging or play noisy open-string chords.

If you don't find a sound that you like with this pedal, I guess you're more into jazz ;)

Signal Chain

  • Epiphone SG Special with Lollar Firebird pickups (neck pickup)
  • Eras
  • Strymon Iridium (Chime)
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Garageband


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