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Aug 02 2022
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walrus audio mira
sidechain HPF off

The Mira is Walrus Audio's version of a highly tweakable optical compressor.

Compressors are hard to demo, because done correctly, they are subtle – especially optical compressors.

Compression is something I usually do in the DAW to glue together a track. The reason to have it right in the signal chain is to make the guitar feel different under your fingers. And the Mira sure does feel good.

The difference between the Mira and more simple compressors is that you can tweak it to your every needs.

You can make your instrument feel squishy, or just even out dynamics, increase sustain and make it work for bass or guitar.

Recording Notes

Main Guitar


  • Just the main guitar into the Walrus Audio Slö in dark mode, recorded 2 takes hard-panned
  • Iridium (chime)

Lead Guitar


  • JMJ Fender Mustang, Fender flats, played with picks, tone 100%
  • Mira (long release, slow attack, blend 100%, HPF on)
  • Strymon Iridium (round) with bass cabs


  • GarageBand Drummer Graham (experimental songwriter) on the Brooklyn kit
  • Whole kit treated with the stock GarageBand RAT-style pedal plugin

The whole mix was "mastered" with exciter, limiter and mild compression in the DAW (except the main guitar tracks).


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