Fuzz Lands - Wonderful Audio Technology

Dec 08 2023
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wonderful audio technology fuzz lands

The Fuzz Lands by Wonderful Audio Technology is a unique velcro fuzz with lots of character and toggles to fine-tune its texture.

I love how this is a well-crafted and cleverly designed fuzz. As you might able to discern from the demo, it doesn't really have a "wide range" of tones. Yet there are three toggles and a fuzz knob to tweak the sound.

And that's what's clever about it. It's not a fuzz that can do everything, but it's a fuzz that can do one thing really well. You will always hear the "Fuzz Lands" character at every setting.

The FUZZ knob is not meant to go from clean to fuzz, but rather from smooth to velcro.

The aptly named toggles ROOT, EARTH and NATURE change the feel and texture of the fuzz. All controls are interactive and affect each other in subtle ways.

If you are a fuzz cork sniffer, you won't be turning your nose up at this one.

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