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Oct 27 2022
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keeley electronics realizer reverberator

This is a limited custom run of the Keeley Realizer in collaboration with Audiomanic Guitar. Order this limited version here, they're going fast.

I'm a sucker for modulated reverb, so saying yes to demoing this pedal was a no-brainer. The Realizer is a great reverb for ambient, post rock and – most of all – shoegaze!

All 3 modes are very distinct and have their own character. The Decay and Depth knobs also work differently depending on the currently selected mode.

The Soft Focus mode gives you that Slowdive Souvlaki sound similar to the Catalinbread Soft Focus. Both are cool pedals, but I feel the modulation for the Realizer is more watery and obvious, and the reverb has this swimmy feel because it's generated from multiple dispersed delay lines. Adjusting the DECAY control changes both decay time of the reverb and feedback for the dual delay. DEPTH controls depth of all 4 chorus voices.

The reverse mode is actually a delay with an envelope controlled modulation that emulates the trem bar of Jazzmasters and similar offset guitars. Apart from recreating My Bloody Valentine sounds, this is great for just wild, unexpected modulation. DEPTH controls how deep the "trem bar" is pushed down, while DECAY sets how slowly it is released.

Hall mode is, in simple terms, are shimmer reverb, i.e. hall reverb with an ascending octave up effect on the trails. Depth controls the mix of the pitch effect. You can also tame the high pitched notes with the WARMTH control, which acts as a low pass filter in all modes.

There is an internal switch to change the behavior of the BLEND knob. In my demo, it's set to have a 1:1 blend at the maximum setting. With the internal switch, you can set it to be fully wet.

Recording Notes


Pedals Used for the Backing Track

  • DOD 250 (demo coming soon), MAE Line Blur, Strymon Iridium (round) with bass cabs for bass (JMJ Fender Mustang, La Bella flats, played with pick, tone 100%)
  • SS/BS Mini, DOD 250, Realizer for most of the guitar overdubs
  • Chase Bliss Mood, Realizer and SS/BS Mini for a grainy, ambient pad
  • Having the 3 very distinct and different reverb modes in the Realizer was really useful to paint a colorful picture for the backing track.


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