Swim Team - Mojo Hand FX

Aug 04 2022
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mojo hand fx swim team

The Swim Team by Mojo Hand FX is a chorus and flanger with finely tuned, simple controls that make it impossible to get a bad sound out of this pedal.

I think Mojo really nailed the initial product experience with the Swim Team. All knobs at noon, either chorus or flanger, just sounds instantly fantastic.

I found the sounds really inspiring to play and come up with 80s inspired indie/dream-pop rock music.

The chorus mode sounds bubbly and lush while the flanger has just the right amount of feedback control. It never goes into an obnoxious airplaine woooosh, and just adds enough resonance to spice things up tastefully.

Recording Notes



Ambient Pad

  • The main guitar track fed into the CBA Mood, 100% wet, in reverb mode with a micro loop in stretch mode
  • Turned down low in the mix. It's one of those sounds that you just notice when you turn them off


  • Stellarosa (neck pickup)
  • Calamity Drive
  • Swim Team (flanger mode)
  • CBA Mood for a reverse delay
  • Iridium
  • Panned 50% left and right

Lead Guitar

  • Stellarosa on the bridge pickup
  • Calamity Drive with "Goose" engaged
  • Swim Team in flanger mode
  • CBA Mood for a reverse delay
  • Iridium


  • GarageBand Drummer Gavin (indie rock) on the Brooklyn kit
  • Whole kit treated with the stock GarageBand RAT-style pedal plugin

The whole mix was "mastered" with exciter, limiter and mild compression in the DAW.


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