Oct 04 2023
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okko fx motorbass

The MOTÖRBASS by OKKO FX is one of the most badass sounding distortion pedals for bass that I've tried so far.

I honestly didn't expect to like it as much as I do. And it's certainly not because I'm doubting the quality of OKKO FX's pedals. I've just never been into Motörhead and I'm not particularly looking to emulate Lemmy's bass tone.

As far as I understand, the bass in Motörhead almost functions as a rhythm guitar. It's very distorted and has a lot of mids. It's not a tone that I would use in my own music and I like the bass to be just the bass in most of my mixes.

To my surprise, the MOTÖRBASS is just a great sounding distortion pedal for bass. The added mids and highs from the MOTÖRBASS complement my bass perfectly to sit really well in a rock mix with other heavyish guitars. I love my shortscale Mustang with flatwounds. It's great for plucky, muted vintage tones. But it also loves to be distorted, especially with the MOTÖRBASS.

Short explanation of the controls:

  • FASTER = gain
  • LOUDER = volume
  • HARDER = tone (flat to the left, more upper mids to the right)

I don't feel the need to tinker too much with the EQ in post when using this pedal. It retains a lot of low end and adds mids and highs in just the right spots. The gain structure sounds gnarly and it also works simply as a boost to tickle the frontend of my amp (simulation).

At the time of writing, I already used the MOTÖRBASS in a bunch of backing tracks for previous guitar pedal demos. It's become my go-to for bass distortion on heavier rock tracks. It's simple yet versatile and does exactly what I need it to do.

I can also attest that it sounds great on guitar and stacks super well with other drives. This is definitely a keeper for me. I'm looking forward to using it in more demos in the future.

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