BL-44 Reverse - Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Apr 10 2024
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old blood noise endeavors bl 44 reverse

The BL-44 Reverse by Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a reverse delay pedal that can create a wide range of sounds, from subtle reverse echoes to glitchy, lo-fi textures.

To me, the BL-44 is the shoegazer's dream! There are a few genius design choices that make this stand out. The control set is super simple and stripped down, yet it brings so much enjoyment to experiment with.

The SPEED and CLOCK knobs are very interactive. You can create simple reverse delays, go an octave up or down, introduce glitchy artifacts, do long swells or bouncy, fairy-like textures.

The MIX knob is obvious and I'm just keeping that at around 2 o'clock to get a good balance of dry and wet signal.

The VOLUME knob seems to give us unity gain at around noon. If you crank it and go into an amp that's already breaking up, you can get some really cool, lo-fi textures.

The BL-44 is truly inspiring to play. I could not stop playing when I recorded the demo track and I'm for sure putting this on my pedalboard.

Signal Chain

  • Fidelity Guitars Stellarosa Lite II with Lollar Firebird pickups – both pickups in series mode. This gives a thicker and more compressed tone which fit the lo-fi vibe of this pedal perfectly.
  • BL-44 Reverse
  • Mixwave Benson Chimera Plugin
  • A bit of room-like reverb from the Valhalla Vintage Verb plugin


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