Fundamental Chorus - Walrus Audio

Jul 10 2023
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walrus audio fundamental chorus
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The Fundamental Chorus by Walrus Audio is a simple, yet powerful chorus pedal. It has sliders to control the RATE, DEPTH and MIX of the chorus effect, and a toggle switch to select between three different voicings.

With the three modes, you can get emulations of simple, warm analog modulation or complex tri-chorus effects.

One of my favorite ways to use the Fundamental Chorus is to use the "simple" mode, MIX 100% and just a slow and subtle modulation to get some gooey vibrato tones.

Signal Chain

  • Fidelity Guitars Stellarosa Lite II with Lollar Firebird pickups (both pickups)
  • Keeley Compressor Mini into the MAE Line Blur. The slightly compressed and articulate tone fits the whole tune better and, in my opinion, makes it easier to hear the subtle differences of the chorus settings.
  • Fundamental Chorus
  • Strymon Iridium (chime)


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