Melee - Walrus Audio

Feb 20 2023
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walrus audio melee
reverse reverb with feedback

The Melee by Walrus Audio is a shoegazer's wet dream. I love everything about it, from the neon color enclosure design, user interface and of course the addictive sound.

I love how opinionated the user interface is. No endless tone sculpting options, just a few toggles to flip between sensible options for tone and decay length. Plus, the very import distortion/reverb order toggle.

We need to talk about the joystick: Yes, it's a gimmick, but it's a very useful gimmick. Walrus could have given us just 2 simple knobs to adjust the gain and reverb mix. But with the joystick, you're forced to dial in the sound more by ear than by what you think the right setting should be. It encourages experimentation and a certain degree of chaos to your setup.

The fact that you can choose between 3 different reverb types – and all of them sounding wicked – is just the icing on the cake.

There is a more "plain" ambient reverb, an octave-down reverb similar to the Dark Mode on the Slö and a reverse reverb that really drives the shoegaze vibe home.

The disortion is derived from the Walrus Audio Iron Horse, which is a RAT at its core. To me, it's perfectly voiced for the shoegaze sounds this pedal was made for.

Signal Chain


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