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May 11 2021
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walrus audio polychrome
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Walrus Audio made what the masses were yearning for: A flanger that doesn't suck. The Polychrome Flanger is the first flanger that I truly enjoy and find inspiring. When I initially plugged into this, I immediately wanted to play some kind of psychedelic space rock.

The are a few very smart design choices that make this pedal stand out from all other flangers:

Dry - flanger - vibrato knob

You don't simply get a boring old mix control. You can blend in a more pronounced vibrato signal on top. This makes the Polychrome instantly more interesting.

With the feedback knob set to zero, you can get an interesting chorus sound. Maybe not as lush as the Julia, but usable.

Random Waveform

I think every modulation pedal needs this option. You can choose between sine wave, triangle wave or random modulation. While the difference between sine and triangle is subtle, random is clearly different and adds to the psychedelic theme of the Polychrome.

Parked Filter

When the depth is set to zero, there is no modulation happening and we are left with the filter part of the circuit. We can now set the sweep to a "parked" filter setting. Think of cocked wah but less pronounced.

Additionally, you can increase the feedback which adds that metallic sound known from flangers.

You can of course get classic flanger sounds that resemble an airplane flying by. But the Polychrome makes it easy to add a little spice to that classic sound.

Signal Chain


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