Callisto MKII - Catalinbread

Jul 15 2022
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catalinbread callisto mkii

The Callisto MKII by Catalinbread is an analog chorus and vibrato that gives you the classic modulation effect for your next dream-pop/lo-fi album.

I like how this is a traditional, no-nonsense approach to chorus in a modern packaging. We get the bread and butter controls like rate, mix and modulation depth.

To spice up the chorus circuit, there is an additional feedback control that can transport the Callisto into almost flanger territory. That way, you can dial in mellow, lush chorus sounds or some more psychedelic, funky settings.

This is the type of pedal that you can just plug and play, find a setting you like and forget it. But since all the knobs are pretty interactive, there is a lot of subtlety to be discovered in the Callisto. Even if there are only 4 knobs, there is a lot of room for experimentation here.

Recording Notes


  • K'mo Memphis Std., classic T-style pickups (both pickups)
  • Callisto MKII
  • Strymon Iridium (Chime) with a little bit more gain than usual (drive at noon)


  • JMJ Mustang, plucked with fingers, tone rolled off to 0%
  • Keeley Comp Mini to even out picking dynamics
  • Smallsound/Bigsound Mini for a touch of grit
  • Iridium with on round mode with bass cabs
  • Some more compression in the DAW
  • A touch of reverb in the DAW to glue it together

Micro Pad

You can hear this pad best in the beginning of the loop. It just adds a little bit of background noise and ambience.

Reverse Reverb Overdubs

  • K'mo Memphis Std.
  • Walrus Audio Lore
  • SS/BS Mini on higher gain
  • Iridium
  • A few takes panned left and right, all at different pannings to create more space


  • GarageBand Drummer Anton (modern hip-hop)
  • Roland CR-78 drum machine (GarageBand stock plugin)
  • Touch of reverb, drive and compression, all from the stock plugin


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