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Mar 21 2023
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beautiful noise effects exploder
mojo hand fx octaverse

The Mojo Hand FX Octaverse is a simple but beautiful ambient delay pedal – a reverse octave delay.

You get the simplicity of the user interface typical for analog delays: RATE, MIX and FEEDBACK. There is also a little push button that let's you switch between octave down and octave up delay.

This is paired with a small but dramatic twist: the repeats are reversed. That sets us up immediately for ambient and shoegaze sounds.

For my demo loops, I usually try to keep the main guitar signal chain as simple as possible. But in this case, I wanted to add a little bit of grit and even more ambience to the sound. So I used the Beautiful Noise Effects Exploder after the Octaverse. That makes the repeats more pronounced and compressed and "smears" them together with the dry signal. You can turn off the Exploder in the demo widget above as well as the backing track if you just wanna hear the Octaverse.

Reverse octave delay before distortion is one of my favorite niche sound effects for lead guitar. The Octaverse executes perfectly in this application.

Signal Chain


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