This is a living document of the tools I use to create this website and record my demo loops.


My trusty K'mo Memphis Standard in open pore metallic blue. It's a T-style guitar completely handmade by Moe, a luthier from Berlin.

Kmo Memphis Guitar

Plays like butter, looks stunning and has that classic Telecaster sound. Very versatile.

These are the specs to the best of my knowledge:

  • 12" fretboard radius
  • Katalox fretboard
  • Maple neck
  • Korina body
  • Wilkinson bridge (brass saddles)
  • Handwound K'Mo pickups

Picks: Mostly orange Dunlop Tortex 0.60mm

Strings: Ernieball Power Slinkys (11s)

Cables: EBS Gold Flat Patch Cables and and standard Fender instrument cables


Recording Setup Diagram

All my demos are recorded at home with a silent setup. I use the Strymon Iridium as my amp/cab sim and it's the basis for all my guitar home recordings.

From the Iridium, the signal goes straight into the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2*. I record everything in GarageBand.

I use the XLR output and the tuner out of my Radial Engineering SB-2 StageBug* to split the signal.

The XLR out goes directly to the audio interface. This is the dry and unaffected signal.

The other goes to the demoed pedal, Iridium and second input of the audio interface. I record dry and "wet" signal simultaneously.

The wet signal is just so that I have an inspiring monitor sound to record with and to "play to the pedal". Later, I delete the wet signal and only use the dry signal for reamping.

When I'm satisfied with the dry, unaffected loop, I reamp it with the Radial Engineering Pro RMP Reamp* and record the whole loop with different settings on each pedal.

For each setting you see in the demos, I recorded the whole loop with the pedal set to that setting. The loop has to be recorded for every single setting, which amounts to about 30 audio files per demo.


  • I built this website with Gatsby and React.
  • I code in VSCode and use Hyper as my terminal.
  • Hosting is done via Netlify.
  • For pretty much every app where I can customize the color scheme (code editor, terminal, notes, slack, this website 😉), I use the Dracula color theme.

*These are affiliate links and I earn a small comission if you buy stuff through those links. There is no additional cost for you. It helps me keep this website alive.