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Sep 08 2023
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Vaderin Pedals have created the perfect symbiosis of Big Muff and Super Fuzz with the Super Ram.

Take the mighty wall of sound from the Big Muff and insert a splattery octave fuzz into the whole that the mid scoop of the Big Muff creates.

Forget drowning behind cymbals and bass when you kick on your Muff-style fuzz. The Super Ram delivers the noisy intensity and weight of a Big Muff but stays present in a band mix.

I'm intentionally ignorant of the in-depth technical aspects to just explore this pedal like anyone else would. One thing I noticed is that the TONE knob is way different than what I'm used to with usual Big Muffs.

It does not feel like a tilt EQ, but rather like a low-cut when you turn it clockwise. This might be the only Big Muff variant where I enjoy a variety of positions for the TONE knob. Turning the TONE down gives me legitimately usable sounds, especially when combined with GATE and OCTAVE turned up to balance out the massive low-end.

I also love the design decision that there is no actual gain knob. The Super Ram is made for sludgy fuzz. For edge of breakup, chime and sparkly low gain, please look elsewhere.

Playing the Super Ram is more addictive and fun than I anticipated. It just perfectly hits this sweet spot of gnarly but controllable fuzz.

Signal Chain

  • Fidelity Guitars Stellarosa Lite II with Lollar Firebird pickups (bridge pickup)
  • Super Ram
  • Strymon Iridium (chime)


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