Skipping Stone - Poison Noises

Aug 23 2022
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poison noises skipping stone
digital delay
low pass

The Skipping Stone by Poison Noises is a versatile delay with some wild modulation options.

The architecture of the Skipping Stone is very similar to the one of The Spill.

You get the standard delay controls like rate, feedback and mix. Spin is a rotary knob that let's you choose between 8 different delay types:

  1. Digital
  2. Double
  3. Trem
  4. Oil Can
  5. Phaser
  6. Pitch
  7. Ring Mod
  8. Dream

The Splash knob controls a different parameter depending on the delay type.

If normal delay is too boring for you, try the Skipping Stone.

Recording Notes


Stereo Pixi Dust

  • just grabbed the Chase Bliss MOOD, used the main guitar track as a basis and recorded a bunch of micro loops and pitch reverse delays while twisting the clock control to taste.
  • Added some more ambience with the Walrus Audio Slö
  • Panned all the tracks wildly left, right and center to create a stereo background
  • Mixed and bounced to one stereo track
  • Applied compression and a low-pass filter to smooth it out and put it in the background



  • GarageBand Drummer Anton (modern hip-hop)
  • Roland CR-78 drum machine (GarageBand stock plugin)
  • Touch of reverb, drive and compression, all from the stock plugin

The whole mix was "mastered" with exciter, limiter and mild compression in the DAW.


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